Thursday, 19 April 2018

No school tomorrow!

Swim forms went home today. Please make sure to return the permission form, swimming ability form, and activity fee by April 30th.

Several students are bringing home their venn diagrams from science, these are due Monday. Students were to compare animal classes (reptile, amphibian, mammal, bird, fish, insect, arachnid) and list three similarities and differences for each.

We look forward to seeing everyone at our performance on Thursday April 26th, we have many great things we are excited to share!

Friday, 13 April 2018

Special Lunch forms are due on Thursday, April 19th.

Grade 4 health forms are due on Monday.

We have been comparing different classes of animals using a Venn Diagram.
A.M.A. what are some of the types of animals I have been learning about?

We have been learning the french words for the titles of people in our family (ma mère - mom, mon père - my dad, etc.) A.M.A. why some  nouns have 'le' or 'mon' before, but others have 'la' or 'ma' for their article.

This week we started playing Badminton with the nets!

The grade 3/4 community honoured the Humboldt Broncos on Jersey Day - we wrote inspirational cards that will be sent to the Humboldt Arena.  We listened to the song "Leave a Stick by the Door" by Jason Smith.

Friday, 6 April 2018

This week we started our Urban Arts Residency. Urban arts is a mix of rap, hip-hop, and graffiti. We practiced doing something called a ‘canon,’ which is where you do a certain move one at a time as a group. A.M.A. what my favourite hip-hop move was.

This week in gym we started practicing our badminton skills through different stations. A.M.A. what the stations were and what my favourite was.

In Science we started learning about animal life cycles. We have been learning all the important vocabulary we will be using for this unit.

In Social Studies we presented our brochures to our classes. After we heard everyone present from our class, we picked five countries from our classmates that we would want to visit based on their brochure. We are in the middle of writing paragraphs about which countries we’d visit and why. A.M.A. what my five favourites were!

Special lunch forms are coming home today, they are due back April 19th. Please read the form carefully as we are using a new ordering system!

Friday, 16 March 2018

The past two weeks we've been doing hip-hop dance with Nando from Sound Kreations. Today was our sharing assembly, thank you to all the parents who were able to come join us! If you didn't come to the assembly, A.M.A. what my dance was and how it went!

We have continued working on our travel brochures for our background countries. We are excited to share our brochures at next week's Student Led Conferences! Don't forget to book a time!

This week in Science we've started wrapping our structures for "The Other City." Our cities will also be shared, either as works-in-progress or finished products at next week's conferences.

Thursday, 15 March 2018

We are all very excited to show off the dance routines we've been practicing with Sound Kreations! Our sharing assembly will be in the gym at 10:30am on Friday, March 16th. Please come join us for the fun!

Friday, 9 March 2018

This week in gym we have been practicing our hip-hop dancing routines with Nando from Sound Kreations. A.M.A. my favourite moves. All classes will be sharing our dances at a Celebration of Learning next Friday! Stay tuned for the exact times!

We started working with our groups in Science to build our structures for "The Other City." A.M.A. how my structure is going!

In Social Studies we have started planning our brochure to make other people interested in our different countries from our backgrounds. A.M.A. what information I am including!

Today we finished reading our novel "The City of Ember." A.M.A. how I liked the book!

In Language Arts we have started talking about who the leaders of "The Other City" would be, and what characteristics they would have. A.M.A. who some of the characters are.

A.M.A. what multiplication strategies I have been learning!

A.M.A. how many times table facts I know!

Friday, 2 March 2018

Today was Pink Shirt Day at Glendale School!  
A.M.A. the buddy activity.

Spring Picture Day/Class Pictures on Monday.  Bring your best smile!

In Social Studies, we have been researching information about one of our countries of origin.

We have been working on planning and creating 3D models of Lina's imaginary city from our novel, "The City of Ember".

We antiqued our interview or artifact paragraphs.  A.M.A. how we made them look antiqued.

In Math, we are working on strategies to solve multiplication questions.

In gym we have started doing some skipping!

Wednesday, 14 February 2018

There will be no school Thursday, Friday (Teachers Convention) or Monday (Family Day).  See you back at school on Tuesday, Feb. 20th.

Please return report card envelopes.

A.M.A. what the dreadful discovery was in our novel, "The City Of Ember".

We did a science experiment that required that we wrap the outside of the pyramids that we built.  In the experiment, we had to follow the scientific method.

We started to create an array city for multiplication.  A.M.A. what an array city is.

We continue to work on paragraph writing and we have been creating paragraphs about our family artifacts and interviews.

This week we started "Mission Impossible" in gymnastics.

In regards to the Olympics, we have started to look at similarities between Canada and South Korea.

Some students will be bringing homework that was not finished in class to complete for Tuesday.

Friday, 9 February 2018

The grade 3/4 teaching team will be sharing our inquiry work at next week's Parent Council meeting, on Tuesday, February 13, at 6:45pm. All parents are invited to join!

We will be doing a Valentine's card exchange on Wednesday morning for students who are interested. Please remember to bring enough cards for your entire class if you are participating.

Don't forget that special lunch is on Wednesday, February 14th, for all students who returned their forms!

This week we started gymnastics in gym class, we have been exploring our flexibility, balance, and different ways we can move our bodies safely.

In Science we built pyramids that had to follow specific rules. AMA what materials I used, and how they worked for me! Next we are fastening different materials to the faces of the pyramid to see what works well. AMA what my group is using and why.

We had a visit from our school resource officer, Constable Van Waes, who talked to us about how to demonstrate kindness and inclusion towards others. AMA my "I Will" footprint!

In Social Studies we have started writing paragraphs about the significant artifact or event from our family's history.

In Math we are beginning to explore the joys of multiplication. AMA how much I love it and what strategies I know so far!

Friday, 2 February 2018

This week, we learned how to work with new people. Every morning, we get a new group of 4 random people to work with for the day. AMA some of the different people I got to work with this week!

In Science, we were challenged to make a 3D rectangular prism using different materials. AMA my rectangular prism and how my group made it strong. The next challenge is to build a rectangular pyramid that can be a roof for a rectangular prism! We are only in the planning stage of this right now, AMA how my plan is going!

This week, we finished our One World Drumming residency. We learned different rhythms using djembe drums from West Africa. AMA our celebration of learning where we shared our drumming with the school. 

In Math this week, we were working on problem solving. Some of our problem solving was done on vertical surfaces with our random groups. We explored patterns, and how many ways we can order a given number of blocks. AMA my strategy to solve the problem!

In Social Studies, we are researching the flag bearer who will be representing our country of origin at the upcoming Winter Olympics, or who represented that country in past Olympics. AMA what I have learned so far.

Our gymnastics residency starts next week! Remember to wear comfortable clothing that you can move around in safely and easily!
Don't forget that special lunch forms and money envelopes are due Monday for all students, even if they are not ordering the lunch. 

Wednesday, 31 January 2018

You are invited to our assembly at 11am on Friday where the students will share what they have learned in our drumming residency!

Friday, 15 December 2017

This week we have been practicing our caroling in anticipation of our school caroling happening all next week. As a school we will be gathering in the gym either at the start or end of each day to sing Christmas songs together. On Monday and Wednesday we will be caroling at the end of the day, and on Tuesday and Thursday it will be in the morning. Please check back for specific times.

As part of our inquiry we are asking students to talk to their parents to learn the story of how they were named. Often there is an interesting story behind our names, and we would like to share that story in some of our work.

Also we are asking students to bring in a picture of them or their family that will be part of the same inquiry work. This picture will be incorporated into a laminated art piece and so it must be a picture you are willing to part with from your picture books forever.

Don't forget that next Thursday, December 21, is an early dismissal and is our last day of classes before the winter break.

Tuesday, 28 November 2017

There are some new links posted for Wednesdays investigation into quality of life.
The students will be provided with a username and password to access these links in class tomorrow.